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Wealthy Affiliate for One Dollar

This blog is all about saving you money as you work towards making money online and that’s why I want to tell you about a special offer that’s coming up which as never been done before. Between June 1st and June 8th, you can get full access to WA for 7 days at a low price of $1. I so want to get salesy here and say “That’s right, $1 folks”, but I’ll resist. You see Wealthy Affiliate is one of only 3 investments that I’ve made in my affiliate marketing business which I have found value in.

It took me about 6 months of resiting before I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and then I paid for it another couple of months before I really started visiting the site and forum regularly. Looking back, I have to wonder what the heck I was smoking because it’s the best money that I’ve ever spent. Other forums that I have belonged to were either too difficult to get an answer out of or they treated you like a total “noob” for asking such a silly question. This meant that I didn’t participate and wasted my money.

Just the other day I was in the forum talking about my fear of writing an Ezinearticle and someone popped in like a teacher giving me homework, expecting me to have an article submitted to Ezine the very next day. This hit just the right button for me because the “employee” in me is so used to having to answer to someone. I went right out, wrote that article and submitted it, no questions asked. Any other forum that I’ve been a member of would have either chastised me or ignored me.

So, more about this $1 trial. You get full access to all of the tools that are available to regular members which means the forum, link tracking tools, article spinner, keyword research, uploaded tutorials that other members have submitted, and Niche Q. Niche Q is actually the reason that I finally signed up, each month there is access to a fully researched niche with articles, emails, landing pages and more. I have been so busy with other things that I haven’t even had a chance to get into any of these niches yet. The research that goes into these niches is extremely thorough and you will have access one of your choice with your trial membership. The info you are given can be downloaded to your hard drive, so even if you choose to cancel before your 7 days is up, you will still have this valuable information which is definitely worth the $1 you’ll be spending on the trial. I have signed up for similar trials in the past for more than $1 and I didn’t even get access to the forums, so I felt like I couldn’t make an informed decision and I canceled.

If you think Wealthy Affiliate is a ripoff once you have tried it, then all you have to do is cancel. Feel free to come back and leave a comment here telling me how dumb I am as well. If you don’t want to miss June 1st for this $1 trial, then visit Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for the free report, I hope you will be happy that you did.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. If you choose to make a purchase through any of the links on this page I may be compensated by your purchase. I really appreciate your support and hope to see you back soon.

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  1. When I was starting out in the field of internet marketing, reading a lot of eBooks was probably the thing I spent most my time doing, unfortunately most of the information proved to be outdated and/or un-useful, I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Excellent job you’ve done here, keep it coming.

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