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Should You Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 Right Now?

Wordpress LogoIf you have logged into your wordpress site within the last couple of days you probably have noticed a notice at the top of your admin section urging you to update to WordPress 3.0 right now. You should be aware that WordPress 3.0 is a major release and could break your site if you don’t know what you are doing when you upgrade.

I’m not saying you should not upgrade, but I urge you to have a backup of your site handy just in case things don’t go right, this way you can revert back to your old site while you figure out what went wrong. The database backup plugin that I have been using is WP DB Backup, however, when I went to check their page on the plugin repository, it appears that this plugin is broken with WordPress 3.0. I’m just speculating, but it must be because the table structure in the upgrade has changed. I can’t complain, this is a free plugin and the person who wrote it did it for free without receiving anything from me. I had a good run with it and I’m hoping that it will be upgraded soon. I may be looking for another solution soon if it is not upgraded in the near future.

If you use WordPress a lot like I do, you may want to consider BackupBuddy which is a paid plugin from PluginBuddy. It would give you piece of mind before upgrading.

Also, keep in mind that some of your plugins may not be compatible with 3.0, since it is a major release. If you are using any paid plugins, I would think the developers have covered this for you already, if not, I would really reconsider the plugin you have paid for. The same cannot be expected from free plugins. These authors have spilled their time and possible money into building a plugin for you to use for free. Don’t expect paid support from a free plugin.

Last but not least, it appears that the new upgrade is larger than the previous ones have been since the automatic upgrade option has been added to the core of WordPress. has a real simple solution to this problem and posted it in their daily tip for June 19th, 2010. You can find it at Exhausted Memory Size Upgrading to WordPress 3.0.

So far, I haven’t seen a reason to upgrade to 3.0 as of right now, but I will be doing so soon. I typically like to wait until a smaller release after the major one comes out because it almost always seems that a bug is missed during beta testing. This usually gives plugin authors time to catch up as well. If you use a WordPress hosting service like, this is what they do as well.

So whether you choose to upgrade right now or in the near future is totally up to you, just don’t wait too long. Waiting too long could cause  you even more headaches down the line.

How soon do you usually upgrade to a major WordPress release?

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