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Profitable Niche Ideas – 4 Tools I Turn To When I Can’t Think Of Any

Heer I Helps U LOL CatsMy biggest problem in my IM business is that I have a real bad case of IMADD and at this point in time I have come to realize that nothing is going to change this. Instead of fighting my tendencies, I have decided to embrace them and just go with the flow. I know this is totally against almost every piece of advice that I have received, but I just can’t help myself. If I get stuck in a niche that I have no more energy to put into, then I’m going to be stuck in my business and get nothing done.

So, I am doing everything wrong by bouncing back and forth from niche to niche, but what I have learned not to do is bounce back and forth between methods of making money online and this is why I think I’m still going in the right direction.

When I’m at an end with working on a niche for a while and ready to move forward I sometimes need a little kick in the butt to think of a new niche or product to focus on. That is when I turn to the following four tools to come up with new ideas. The first two are free and the second two are worth every penny.

1. Google Insights for Search – In order to use this tool, you are going to have to have an idea of which wide niche you’d like to get into. Just type in your wide search and Google will narrow down your search for you at the bottom of the page. Then you will want to click on the narrowed down keyword and an even more narrow set of keywords will pop up for you. The keywords over on the right are the rising searches for your particular niche. Once you have an idea, I would go to the Google Keyword Tool and type in the niche you have narrowed down to. This will allow you to get a bunch of keywords to use for your new website, set of lenses, or hubs.

2. Niche A Day – This idea finder is totally free, but  you do have to give the owner of the list your email address and name. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give your real name if you don’t like, but you will want to give a working email address so you get your daily niche idea email. Don’t worry, the owner of this list is extremely conscious of how many emails and what types of emails he sends to his list. I very rarely receive more than one extra email a week from Scott.

So, how this one works is you receive an email every day from Scott with an attachment of keywords he digs up from Keyword Elite. The keywords aren’t always the ones you should start with using and they aren’t fully researched, but it’s way to get you started. When I am using an idea that I received from Scott at Niche A Day, I will typically do my own keyword research using Google Trends and the Keyword Tool along with the next tool I’m going to describe as opposed to running with his list.

3. Micro Niche Finder – I have to admit that I have bought Keyword Elite and SEO Elite and I could never get either one to work correctly for me. I’m not a fan of the fact that Keyword Elite just spits out a bunch of keywords for you without any respect to the fact that they aren’t even related to what you are searching for.

The best part of MNF that I discovered recently and have used a ton is the “Brainstorming” feature. This feature will just come up with random ideas for you. I have found some great products to write single lens reviews on along with full niches that I would like to develop in the future using this tool. I have definitely got my money back using the Brainstorming feature on MNF.

4. Instacash Keywords – Instacash Keywords runs on the same premise as Niche A Day. Each day you are emailed a niche idea and a list of keywords, except ICKY takes it a step further. You not only receive  a list of keywords, but these keywords are researched for low competition and come with a couple of short paragraphs as to how to promote the niche and ideas for products to promote. Since this is a paid list, I do not recommend running with this one right away, but it has been invaluable to me in coming up with new niche ideas. I almost forgot to mention that they limit each list to 300 users. They may have multiple lists running, but you can be guaranteed that only 300 other people are receiving the same keywords.

Do you have a favorite tool that you use to come up with ideas for niches and perform keyword research? Feel free to share your ideas below.

Don’t forget to ask any questions you may have as well. Picture from

Until later,

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. If you choose to make a purchase through any of the links on this page I may be compensated by your purchase. I really appreciate your support and hope to see you back soon.

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    I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW big thumbs up for this one!

  2. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your thoughts? I mean, what you say is important and everything. But its got no punch, no pop! Maybe if you added a pic or two, a video? You could have such a more powerful blog if you let people SEE what youre talking about instead of just reading it.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you very much. Fantastic post.

  4. Use other people research to find niches…for instance look what people are selling on flippa, look at what people are social bookmarking. They have done much of the work for you – like kw research and affiliate offers. You might say what do they know but run the niche through your checks on what makes it good and you’re good to go. also with flippa, they give you traffic/money stats too which can give you more ideas on the viability of the niche.
    chris@niche profit course review´s last [type] ..Who is Chris Guthrie


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