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Making Money Online – My Changes for 2010

I no longer make New Year’s Resolutions because in the past I have always failed and I feel that making a resolution is only setting myself up for failure. Looking back at 2009, the whole year was a setup for failure brought on by myself and myself alone.

I allowed my video gaming core business to go by the wayside and fall to the back burner because I decided that I wanted to start building websites and web properties for affiliate marketing purposes instead. This was all well and good, but I didn’t have focus for anything I was working on. I started feeling the pressure of having way too many domains and not having any developed, then I would get another case of IMADD and I started article marketing. Moving into these directions wasn’t a bad thing, but I failed to focus on selling down the inventory I have in our storage room which is like money sitting right in the bank.

I don’t know about you, but when I get way too overwhelmed with my own projects, I totally shut down. Then I don’t do anything. Add on top of this all of the changes that eBay made along with the FTC regulations and for a while I was just a total lump on a log when I got home from work. I have to say that this is not the way to make money online successfully and move towards my ultimate goal of being able to afford to quit my day job.

2010 brought in the start of a new decade and a new beginning for me. I’m not resolving to do anything different, but I can already tell that I have a new found life for my online business. My new life has come with my new interim goals that I have set for myself. I subscribe to a few blogs and they have talked about huge goals that they have set for themselves, but these huge goals don’t always work for everyone. Now let me explain for myself.

I set a goal at the beginning of 2009 to eventually be making $100,000 a year. That’s a great goal, but when you are in the hole, it is very difficult to imagine that. I still have this ultimate goal, but I have also set an interim goal of getting at least one credit card paid off this year with my income from internet marketing. I have the tools in place and I know what I should be doing, but now I just need to suck it up and do it. If I get the tools in place for this first goal, I will be well on my way to making it to my ultimate goal where I really want to be.

So, what am I really changing for 2010? Nothing and everything. The biggest change I will be making is to finish the projects that I start. No longer will I be littering the internet with the waste of my failed projects. Doing this along should get me well on my way to my goal. In fact, I am almost finished with my first project; I will be posting details here once everything is up and running.

Until later,

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. If you choose to make a purchase through any of the links on this page I may be compensated by your purchase. I really appreciate your support and hope to see you back soon.

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