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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

I know you’re head may be spinning with all of this making money online information. Here are some frequently asked questions that are often asked by people just starting to learn about affiliate marketing.

1. When will I get my first check? – I really wish I could tell you that if you built 10 pages, ¬†you would start seeing $10 a month in 2 months, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. You could have a really great niche that would start paying right away or you could having problems finding the right keywords and not make anything until you have 50 pages up. I hope reading this blog will help you get paid faster so you don’t give up too soon.

2. How much time should I put into my new internet business? – I’m not going to lie, you have to put time and effort into your new internet marketing business, however even if you only have 15 minutes a day, you can make money; it just may take you a little longer to start collecting a paycheck.

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