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Death and Taxes – Are They Really The Only Things You Can Count On In Life?

Change Your MajorIf you are in the affiliate marketing business, then there is always a 3rd thing that you can always rely on and that’s a change in the online marketing rules. ┬áIn late February, there was another rules change; this time around it was Google and a change made in their algorithm. It has been dubbed the “Farmer’s Update” by many bloggers because it is a hit against content farms. Sites like Hubpages, Ezinearticles, and Associated Content were hit hard in the rankings. Supposedly Squidoo did not get hit, but I would beg to differ as some of my lenses with the most traffic have really died off in the rankings.

The dying off of traffic and the Google changes have really hit me hard. I was on a role of publishing a new lens or hub every 2 days (almost to my goal of 1 a day), but then this change came along and really made me start to rethink everything. When this happens, I become almost frozen, not doing a darn thing online or even at home because I have once again taken a hit in traffic which turns into a hit on my income.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me. Remember when eBay went from a per sale payout to a pay-per-click payout? That change really hit me hard because along with that change came a rule that you cannot use EPN affiliate links on a site that you do not own. I had to change about 30 lenses that were using EPN links from my own to Squidoo’s. My income took a dip by a ton. Once again, I was frozen not wanting to publish anything because my world was upside down.

My whole point of this is change happens fast in the affiliate marketing business and you need to be able to deal with change in order to be successful. If you can’t deal with change, then you should find a different way to build your online income.

I have started to add more content to the lenses that have taken a hit. This whole task is really daunting, I have 157 lenses and at least half of them need some editing to bring them up to par. This daunting task is what has frozen me which is why I needed to come up with a new action plan. I am more productive when I’m producing new content and then the editing comes easier, so what I’m going to do is get back on task to building a new page every day and then once I’m done, I’ll move on to editing my old content. I will also start to look for new opportunities to build my own websites because relying on what someone else owns is not a good idea.

Have you ever had a problem dealing with change in AM? How did you handle it? I’d like to know.

Until later,

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