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4 Day Money Making Blueprint – The Missing Link for One Week Marketing

Conversations With Travis - 4 Day Money Making Blueprint

Ever since I started affiliate marketing, I have always tried to avoid writing articles. In fact, I just started writing hard core within the last month. I’m sure this is what held me back with my One Week Marketing campaigns and other things that I had been working on.

Last weekend, while I was going through my little bout of IMADD, I came across a thread at Wealthy Affiliate about the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint and everyone was just raving about it. I made a vow to myself that out of the money I made from the next game I sold, I would pick it up. It must have been fate, because that night, I sold a game so I purchased the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint the very next day.

The package includes 25 videos at this point in time, with more being added every once in a while. From the very first video, I had realized that the techniques the writer is teaching were the missing link that I had been suffering from while running my campaigns. He takes you from how to find a niche, to keyword research, through a series of  5 videos about how to write an article, to building a Squidoo lens, and then how to put it all together. The article writing and niche research portions were the puzzle pieces that I had been looking for all along. I have already put what I learned to good use yesterday on my first campaign.

I was quite surprised at how much I learned from the videos as opposed to reading an ebook. Many times when watching how-to videos my mind tends to wander onto other things, but the author was able to keep me engaged and taking notes the whole time.

For the value you receive when you purchase this program, you can’t go wrong. I did have a couple of things that I thought could have been a little better. Nothing is perfect and my qualms are extremely minor.

  1. I think the title is a little misleading, because people may think that they’ll be making money within four days which is possible, but unlikely. This could cause new people to go around calling it a scam, which it is not.
  2. The volume on the videos needs to be turned up. I was limited to watching these at my desk because I could hardly hear the videos when watching on my laptop. I did hear that the author was working on this.
  3. I would like to see a little more content written down, maybe like a PDF of the steps to take every four days. This could be printed out every time a new campaign is started so everything would be in one place. I guess I was a little spoiled by PotPieGirl when she came out with her program.

Putting One Week Marketing and the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint together would be an awesome combination, but if your funds are limited, I would definitely pick up the later first and get One Week Marketing later on. It’s just that good.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog. If you choose to make a purchase through any of the links on this page I may be compensated by your purchase. I really appreciate your support and hope to see you back soon.

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